As neighbours we reduce, reuse, and recycle. We rely on each other to steward a green tomorrow.

UNES continues to speak up for best environmental and ecology in the planning of UniverCity, often the missing leg of Sustainable Planning (Education, Economy, Societal, and Environmental). UniverCity Neighbours also rely on the knowledge and expertise of our non-profit neighbours.

Stoney Creek Environmental Committee has brought back a viable spawning community in Stoney Creek. We now have hundreds of chum and coho as well as some pink and steelhead found spawning each year thanks to the efforts of Jennifer Atchinson and her streamkeepers. The endangered nooksak dace has been spotted in recent years in the lower Stoney Creek.

Please report tiny dead fish, spill, suds, or dirty water. Call 24 hours: Burnaby Environmental Services: 604-294-7200 Coquitlam Environmental Services: 604-927-3500 Provincial Emergency Program 1-800-663-3456.

Let them know what you have observed: what, where, and when.

Stoney Creek Environmental Committee has fought to decommission an outdated Salt Shed at SFU Campus that was leaching into the environment. Salt can damage salmon egg development.
See official SFU info at updated shed from SFU

For wildlife in distress call WRA Care Centre at 604.526.7275 Burnaby Wildlife Rescue.