UniverCity is an eco-density housing concept and neighbourhood currently at 3500 residents, built on leasehold land affiliated with Simon Fraser University and just east of the Burnaby campus, BC, Canada.
Built at the apex of 576 hectares (1423 acres) of Burnaby Mountain Conservation Park of second growth mixed decidious-coniferous Coastal forest, it is isolated from the valleys of GVRD. There are great access options by bus, skytrain, and for the strong: the bicycle, with an extensive trail system in the forest. (the habitat is finite – use the forest trails with care, and avoid activity that causes erosion. Keep pets on a leash)
We are seeing more and more cyclists face the challenge of tackling the 366 m (1200 feet) peak. Access is by Gaglardi Way from the East (and off Number One Highway, or Lougheed Highway), and from the west Nelson Way. University Ring Road provides access across SFU Campus and UniverCity locations.

The benefits are the fresh air as you escape the smog of the lower mainland, the views, as well as a glimpse of lovely architecture of university and housing once you reach the peak.

The neighbourhood is walkable. We enjoy a 20,000 square foot supermarket, an elementary school with room for 190 students (open Sept 2010), traffic calming streets. Native plantings in all landscaping; excellent transit options (every 15 minutes). We have cafes, restaurants, not to mention the services of the University: a world-class library, a contemporary art gallery, a Native museum and the sports facility. The wildlife areas within the community include, Richard Bolton Park (City of Burnaby), making the majesty of the West Coast Rainforest (Mountain Hemlock Zone) engulfing and tangible as you exit your door.
We can be closed in for many days with fog and rain, and roads are difficult to navigate in the snow. It is always a few more degrees colder on the mountain than in the Lower Mainland Valleys. It is beautiful and we love it.
To find our more about UniverCity as a community visit:

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