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Green Community Carnival
When: May 13, 2013 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
Where: University Highland Elementary School

There will be a climbing wall, ponies, bouncing castles, a magician, face painting, balloon animals and variours organisations with a booth with both information and activities for kids: Scouts, Bear Smart, Growing City (organic composting), Metro Vancouver, Burnaby Parks and Rec, BC Hydro, ArtStudio (recycling art), Science Alive, Gardenworks, SFU Sustainable, and many more.


Stay tuned for future events.

In our community…

Media Release by BROKE

KinderMorgan Pipeline Watch:
October 10 meet by Province: Burnaby Townhall Meeting
CBC report

Burnaby Residents Opposed to Kinder Morgan Expansion (BROKE) is
hosting a Town Hall Meeting on October 10, 2012 at 7:00 PM to inform
residents about Kinder Morgan’s plan to build a new pipeline that will
ship crude bitumen from Alberta to Burrard Inlet.

“We want to see the threat of toxic spills reduced, not increased,”
said Karl Perrin of BROKE. “Hosting a Town Hall meeting allows us to
get some very knowledgeable people in front of concerned Burnaby

“A lot of people are assuming that expansion of the Trans Mountain
Pipeline through Burnaby is business as usual, but there are some
differences that significantly elevate the environmental risks to our
community,” said Karl.

In fact:

• Instead of light crude, the pipeline will carry dirty oil from the
tar sands diluted in a toxic mix of chemicals that are not publicly
disclosed for proprietary reasons

• To move the bitumen and chemical slurry Kinder Morgan will have to
ship it using intense heat and pressure, both of which elevate the
risk of catastrophic pipeline failures

• Pipeline capacity will double, necessitating a dramatic expansion of
storage tank capacity on Burnaby Mountain

• Increased pipeline capacity will result in bigger and more frequent
huge oil tankers in Burrard Inlet and the Georgia Basin

• Bitumen poses a special problem for cleanup after a pipeline or tank
or tanker accident because heavy oil sinks and cannot be cleaned from
the land, rivers or ocean floor – a “minor” spill near the Barnett
Highway five years ago is still being “cleaned up”

• Federal requirements to ensure our environment is protected have
been gutted. Decision making regarding pipeline projects has been
removed from the National Energy Board by a government determined to
export Canadian resources and jobs to Asian markets

“If you live in Burnaby, you are either directly affected by this
proposed pipeline expansion, or you know somebody who is,” said Mary
Hatch of BROKE. “Do we really want to put the safety and well-being of
Burnaby into the hands of the Keystone Kops from Kalamazoo?

Each part of Kinder Morgan’s planned expansion requires careful public
consideration and debate because of the health and safety risks to
people and the environment.

Get the facts on October 10, 2012 Wednesday at 7:00 PM Confederation
Seniors’ Centre, 4585 Albert (near Willingdon, Burnaby, B.C.)

Speakers include:

• Rueben George, Tsleil-Waututh First Nations·
• Kennedy Stewart, MP Burnaby North
• Derrick Corrigan, Mayor, City of Burnaby
• Sven Biggs/Ben West, Tanker Free BC/Wilderness Committee
• Mary Hatch, BROKE

– 30 –

The Town Hall meeting is hosted by the Burnaby Residents Opposing
Kinder Morgan Expansion (BROKE). This is the first of a series of
events and meetings designed to inform and engage the citizens of
Burnaby and Lower Mainland. BROKE is an autonomous organization
working with several environmental organizations and groups.

Contacts and Spokespersons:

Karl Perrin E-mail:
Mary Hatch E-mail:
Elsie Dean E-mail:

The Stoney Creek Environmental Committee in cooperation with community and environmental groups is hosting a series of public forums to discuss Kinder Morgan’s plan to twin the Trans Mountain Pipeline, increase tanker traffic through the Georgia Straight and expand oil tank capacity on Burnaby Mountain.

The Kinder Morgan pipeline now ships 300,000 barrels of oil per day. The planned expansion to 750,000 barrels per day will require that a new pipeline be built through Burnaby, oil tanker traffic dramatically increased through Georgia Straight and Burrard Inlet, and expanded oil tank storage capacity on Burnaby Mountain.

Each element of Kinder Morgan’s planned expansion requires careful consideration and debate. Experts have been invited to speak about the planned expansion and to provide an opportunity for public input.

Past example of speakers:
• Eric Swanson, NoTankers Director, (Dogwood Initiaive &
• Michael Hale, Pipe Up in Chilliwack
• Sven Biggs, Tanker Free BC (

the Jennifer Atchison Environmental Centre, 2730 Beaverbrook Crescent, on the north end of the Stoney Creek Community School grounds. Close to Lougheed Mall in northeast Burnaby.

When: July/August/September