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Springtime can be enjoyed oh! so with the refreshing rainfall coaxing forward lushness.


The Trillium Ovatum (Large white trillium) is a plant I particular enjoy as I walk down the easement, and access path to the Elementary School, between Harmony and Serenity developments.

I found it quite interesting to note the differences between the Trillium found native to Burnaby Mountain and a plant I found last year growing closer to the ocean, at Comox on Vancouver Island.
The first flower shown in the above photos is from Comox!


The trillium is the official flower of Ontario, and a protected species there (and anywhere with your help). Picking the flower of a Trillium will kill it.

“Yet mark’d I where the bolt of Cupid fell:
It fell upon a little western flower,
Before milk-white, now purple with love’s wound…

William Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream