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I love salamanders.

It is a creature in our local forests that draws me closer to nature and closer (in a sense) to exotic locals in warmer climates with such amphibians common to life.

So when I walked into the Spirit West Gallery today in Gastown on Water Street I felt like I had found something important. Meet a lovely story, and engage with something tactile. Take courage and venture in. Thank you to Gary Wyatt for sharing all your stories. Beautiful: http://www.spiritwrestler.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=3

My suggestion is to take a trip to the Spirit West Gallery just to see Susan Point’s piece “Out of the Shadows” and featuring my salamander!

You know the price tag is steep. But you know an original piece is something to save up for — an investment! and we are so lucky to have this storyboard out here on the west coast.

I love it!

I visited the fish hatchery today on Nelson Creek, North Shore to check water temperature and take out the garbage. I worry about the fish as I see indications in our urban habitat. I saw soap scum in Nelson Creek. Nelson Creek should be a salmon bearing stream however is not.

I am so confused and sad when I see fellow hikers along the Whyte Lake trail with their dogs off leash and paddling in Nelson Creek. We are working so hard to protect this habitat. There are amphibians in Whyte Lake.


The salamander lives under rotting logs nearby and lays eggs in the lake and as we read from the pages of BC Frogwatch Program: “In the breeding season, large, shallow lakes and ponds with boggy edges and no predatory fish are best.”

If you have your dog leaping into our water source (and dog walkers are coming every hour!) you are putting multiple life systems in jeopardy.

It sounds violent. So is your actions as trail braziers!

Love, Vivian