Well a preliminary congratulations to Richard Lee potentially the new provincial parliamentary representative for Burnaby North – http://www.richardtlee.ca

Final tallies for Provincial Elections including absentee and early votes will be May 27, 2013. In our local riding of Burnaby North Richard Lee of the Liberals had 47.35% of the vote according to the Election BC Website in preliminary tallies.
Janet Routledge of the BC NDP had 43.15%. The lead is quite strong, however the tally could prove surprising results.

This information bodes important when you have questions about your community, in particular the policies that impact the environment. Jurisdictions can be complicated. If you want your provincial government to keep environmental policy on the table make sure to let them know! One issue in past that went surprisingly under the table was recent changes to the BC Water Act.

The issues are complicated however; impact us all. It may be more than you think you can tackle but just keep it simple and realize that clean water is a right for species… and this means fish and humans. We are tied together. The public process for this particular issue was discussed in 2011 and 2012 without much fanfare because no one knew about it!

Hey! maybe you could start like me… Start my own pen pal with the Provincial Leader (usually I would write to the Premier himself — I have a small collection of responses.)
Who knows your voice may make a difference.

I want to also remind visitors that there is important work being done by the Burnaby Mountain Residents Association, a group helping spearhead social programs and environmental advocacy on the mountain.

www.bmra.ca is the place to see the latest UniverCity events.
Community, Environment and Democracy.
Isn’t it fun to practice those multi-syllable words (though I don’t like the word syllable). For a word describing the cadence of vowels vs. consents there is too much lull between the first and second ‘syllable

I know many people’s lives are so busy nowadays. At least bookmark http://www.bmra.ca to check in for events. The next meet is Wednesday, June 12, 2013 at 7pm in Nester’s at the cafe.