I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think

It has been in the making for awhile. I have moved from the mountain, and as the primary writer of this blog, I’ve had to send out tendrils to the neighbourhood to see if there will be someone to take up the task.
I will miss this blog a lot.
I have toyed with the possibility of continuing the blog from my new neighbourhood. The particular topics of ecosystem, environmental sustainability, and the lush BC Coast wildlife including the Salmon, of course! follows me to my new home.
This blog has been the expression of environmental concerns here on burnaby mountain, and in particular in relation to a sustainable community – holding residence since 2002. So really the UNES blog needs someone living in the area. The Burnaby Mountaintop neighbourhood has been an opportunity to re-explore my experiences and Super Natural BC. I have said it once and I will say it again. Burnaby Mountain is the most lush and largely intact ecosystem that I’ve seen ever, from when I was little in Horseshoe Bay, BC (not that I remember much). Some will remember the old BC License Plate – The Tourism BC Ad that championed our province as a nature gem, introduced under the Bennett Social Democrats revisited recently as “Super, Natural B.C.”

Living in BC – for me – prior to finding out about UniverCity – has largely been about suburban or semi-urban neighbourhoods, streets organized around homes. Nature was relegated to a relationship with animals like the “nuisance” raccoons. For me. Eco-density, on this remote mountaintop – has put us smack dab in a natural environment, changing in the seasons (when it wasn’t just fog, fog… and then the next season.. oh! I see fog!) largely ignored except for the daytime students, professors and service community of Simon Fraser University since the 60’s. What a great opportunity to experience a community not built around the auto!

As residence of the community, UNES, speaks on topics they find important to the environment. It is the 24-hour eyes and ears on the mountain of the permanent residence that was important. We had something to say about this area, that not everyone has the benefit of experiencing. There are numerous visitors to the mountain – for example Merja, our Post Office delivery person, who recently had her shift moved. Each of them bring a special something. Merja, remembered the names of the addresses on her route. She remembered my name and those regular items that came to my mailbox.

I had hoped that this blog would be an amalgamation of environmental observations and knowledge. In a small way we’ve spread the word of Burnaby. And in our best, I believe, our observations have made the newcomers and the developers who build on our mountain to think about the beauty that is here.

If you are interested, and a resident of UniverCity in Burnaby, please contact our group to take upon the task of writing. There will be a few guidelines that we will pass on to help you do justice to the efforts of UNES. I will make sure that you are set up with the technical training in wordpress in order to give you a good running leap. After that – – this blog is intended to make you think… And that is something that only you can decide.

This job is about exercising your curiousity in people AND the natural balance we must join. You don’t need to be an expert. You will find many people willing to share their stories!


Lovingly and Sincerely,
Vivian Sorensen