The stewards need your help… Do they need your respect?

Respect the laws. Respect your elders. Respect traffic laws.
There are good intentions in all these messages. I think it is infused with an tendency to excuse someone else to take responsibility. If someone does not respect me…
it is not deadly. I will continue diligently and hope you can join our passion for the environment.

You and I probably have similar worries and hopes.

Have I said too much? Have I said too little?
Because these trees are important to me… and to the fish. Salmon in Stoney Creek are a vibrant and a vital species. Should we give them a chance they will thrive. It is our apathy that is deadly.

The salmon’s returning spawn each year is something like our psyche, let the ego move aside, the detris and the fish rush in.


P.S. please contact me if you have any questions, comments or if you need help re: streamkeeping or stewardship in the Lower Mainland. UNES members are available at UNES_natura-atgmaildotcom We have a broad range of expertise. As well if this is not helpful, I recommend you contact Stoney Creek Environmental group, sharing conservation work on Burnaby Mountain and environs stoneycreek.athandshakedotca