Ahhhh, the spell of record breaking dry and warm has ended in the Lower Mainland. Today it has rained and the fog is hugging the Burnaby mountaintop with a beautiful eerie quiet. It is 9 degrees celcius!
Burnaby Mountain, Ring Road East *North", October 2012
I welcome the cleanness of the rain… It feels strange to be walking my dog and smiling in the notorious wetness…
Dog has remembered the rituals of the season. He remembers to stay by the front door as I retrieve a cloth to wipe his wet feet. He even seemed excited as I called “inclement weather” to indicate our decent into the underground parking, the decent of the dog owner into the depths of the building, where I live, with a wet dog.
And what is more… the rains indicates the return of Chum Salmon spawners to Burnaby. Oh, how I love this season!
If you would like to join us (all people curious and fascinated by salmon!) this year we (SCEC) need volunteers to count the salmon! Counts occur each weekend alternating between a Saturday and Sunday.
If you are at all interested in seeing and counting fish, please come to the orientation session this coming Saturday, October 13 at 9:00 AM at the Jennifer Atchison Environmental Centre, 2730 Beaverbrook Crescent, on the north end of the Stoney Creek Community School grounds. Close to Lougheed Mall in northeast Burnaby.Saturday. 9pm. I’ll see you there!
UNES blog writer