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The Habitat Restoration Project on Stoney Creek, Burnaby BC is nearing completion. Check out Les’s video documenting fry at the intake pipe for the Off-Channel Habitat.

Off-Stream Habitat Restoration, Stoney Creek, Burnaby

This month Gail and Christine of Stoney Creek Environment Committee are working with community partners including the City of Burnaby to organize replanting parties. Gail, Christine, and I walked along the creek yesterday (Saturday, September 8, 2012 9:00AM – 10:30AM) including the Weir restoration and Off-Channel Pond habitat. See photo above.

The work to the weirs has involved clearing and plant removal along the edge of the creek for access. Replanting will be important to assure the creek is stable and protected.

During the site walk we noticed four SFU water testing stations above the Government Road Culvert. We believe these new stations are involved in quality testing at the culverts.

We spotted four Northern Flickers feeding in the grassy field near the tennis courts of Eastlake Park, Burnaby, BC