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The Scots Broom (Cytisus scoparius), a dark green plant, deciduous, to 3 metre tall, with bright yellow, typical pea flower, about 2 cm long was for a while from 2005 to 2009, a common site along the University Crescent and adjacent road systems in UniverCity.
Contractors have been painstakingly removing in the early spring, before flowers are able to propagate.
There are a few plants remaining on Burnaby Mountain. This is a problem that goes beyond boarders (for example “UniverCity”) The broom is not native to the Lower Mainland and it can overtake the roadsides, where it overwhelms and pushes out native plants that thrive in the open areas.

There are situations where/when an invasive plant (such as Japanese Knotweed) is not removed completely and on a repeated schedule, then more damage is possible than if the plants had not been disturbed. It is best to call in the experts!

Areas, on the Lower East Ring Road are the jurisdiction of Simon Fraser University. The Park otherwise is under the custodianship of the City of Burnaby.

Stoney Creek Environment Committee has been doing a great job of ensuring environmental protection in areas of impact to the creek. They have a heavy schedule of invasive removal involving small crews of volunteers in the summer.

This is an inciduous plant – Himalayan Balsam. It’s purple flowers can be deceptive. June 23-2012 soon to blossom.  This is an inciduous plant.  If you suspect this plant in local Burnaby Mountain Conservation Park please remove before it flowers. or contact unes_natura@gmail.com