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1. A forest is magically quiet.

2. The forest nurtures darkness.
The trees, their branches hold up the stars in the skies at night.

3. There is a mushroom that grows only in the range of very large hemlock. The mushroom is edible.

4. The rufous hummingbird follows the red bellied sapsucker (or the flicker) who drills tiny holes in tree trunks to extract insects, and sap. The hummingbirds capture tree sap that has been exposed.

5. A forest can naturally sustain itself given reasonable variables. There are very few invasives in much of some local forests at Burnaby Conservation Forest. The second and third growth, mixed deciduous/coniferous forests have grown over 50-70 years – the span of an average human, since tree harvesting that ended in the 40’s.
And in this time rich variation has grown up.

6. A forest has taught me that a common robin is not so “common”. If I had only thought of a robin as a bird that hops on grass where it pecks for worms, I might never have appreciated fully the robin.

7. The forest is like an outdoor heating and air conditioner. The air smells clean. The clean air in my lungs is wonderful…

Forest on the top of Burnaby Mountain keeps the neighbourhood cool when the sun is out. In snow weather visitors in Richard Bolton Park forested regions are partially protected. The trees provide natural snow banking protection.

8. The forest provides food year round (I found berries just yesterday in the right of way from the school… I recognize the little bright, thinly skinned berries but I can’t remember the name so I trust my instinct to eat, though the seeds are terribly bitter. I’ll avoid next opportunity.)

There is so much to learn about the forest. I learn constantly. It is not always about a new name for a particular bird or plant… The forest is amazing with the relationships and context a bird or other has me discover.

The forest is magical in so many ways.
The forest is a wonderful place to find solitude… and sometimes, to share with another.
If you are reading you may have your own reasons to celebrate the magic of the forest.