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There is excellent confirmation of the Environmental Science Department, at Simon Fraser University practicum course on Burnaby Mountain, Burnaby, BC, Canada.

Doctorate candidate Tommy Rodengren heads the course beginning January 7, 2013. The course involves monitoring and testing of the natural areas on our mountain, including impacts from SFU and UniverCity etc..

There is no lack of potential projects nor candidates. The Environmental Department has exceeded expectations for its first year: with 48 students currently enrolled. In fact a considerable amount of planning is expected before the department lets loose the additional 96 feet and 100 hands into our forests and streams for the annual course offering.

UNES and SCEC will help to orient students and teachers. This is an interesting opportunity to involve many levels of our community, including learning at the new daycare and collaboration with the University Highlands Elementary School students, teachers…

Stoney Creek Environment Committee (SCEC) secretary, and streamkeeper Alan C. James has worked tirelessly to engage the university in local streamkeeping and environmental monitoring.. And his work has paid off!

Tommy has provided a summary of the meeting held today on campus in the TSCII building with Stoney Creek Environment Committee, UNES, Teaching and Environmental Science Faculty and funding representatives.

EVSC 205 Meeting 1-24-12

The Environmental Science Department has removed a 4th year practicum course in favour of this second year cohort program, with the intention of giving students experience early on, and in developing friends and connections in the community that will bode well for their careers.

There are four streams in the environmental science program:
1. water science
2. applied biology
3. environmental systems (a similar course to geography, with the major difference being the focus on the cohort element)
4. envirometrics a course focused on methedology rather than a particular space of science.
and a 5th. in human health science
These are streams that students may or may not have chosen as they head into the EVSC 205 coursework.
There is the makings of a Bachelor of Environment program.

This collaborative relationship between the University and the community is consistent with SFU President, Andrew Petter’s plan to engage the communities. “Student-centred, research-driven and
community-engaged” as it says on the University President’s bio page

Congratulations to everyone who made this possible.
Vivian S