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UniverCity construction is at a peak now.
Not just on the peak of Burnaby Mountain and conservation park!

Above SFU Parking Lot G many more trees were felled this week to make way for the next construction phase of the UniverCity, SFU, Burnaby community.

As humans do, we have a tendency (I think) to take these massive changes in stride. We see an area of ten to fifteen mature and felled trees – where the day before we saw a forest – and we say,
“Well, I guess there was nothing we could do to stop it.”

I am well aware of the excellent programs to facilitate habitats, including stormwater management systems that prevent soil erosion on the mountain, landscaping along traffic calmend streets – – consisting largely of native plants for birdlife habitat… and other efforts to reduce our CO2 emissions as a sustainable community.

Any offense taken by planners is not willful. Making enemies will not help habitat planning.

I urge all Burnaby – residents for example who use and love the Conservation Forest – to stop by to view the lot across from Harmony on University High Street and take a minute. You will see many birds hopping about on the felled trees.

Confused birds.

I stopped by today. I realized, that indeed this forest was important.

Even as contemporary life in Canada moves faster and faster, and change is at lightning speed – internet speed is ever increasing, roads continue to expand – we should step back and ask what can we do to preserve trees and wildlife habitat.

In fact, it is crucial now more than ever that we make extra efforts to assure we are doing our best to facilitate environmental sustainability. By “we” I mean the Lower Mainland residents as well as persons directly effecting zoning and development decisions in the region.

I witness this confusion among the birds more times than once. And sadly enough each time I’m surprised, surprised that I can forget how important each tree is. When the Elementary School Property was cleared to make way for a playing field , I came by in the evening (July 21, 2009 8:13pm) when many birds are searching for food. I saw red-breasted sap suckers, and many small sparrows and the like, hopping amidst the felled trees.

I had never before seen so many sapsuckers in one spot.

Confused Birds.

Please join UNES. We are organizing stewardship programs including invasive removal, covenant protection plans, and collaboration with environmental management groups. You can sign up for our online Google Group.

Feel free to contact me directly with your comments. viviansorensenatmacdotcom. We welcome volunteers, especially those with environmental, habitat protection, water quality and writing expertise.

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