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I had a run in with a couple this morning entering the Burnaby Conservation forest with their dog. Their dog was a bordie collie. Unfortunetly as it was offleash it was at risk of creating a hazard in the forest. Dogs are by law required to be on leash when they are in the Burnaby Conservation Forest with their owners.

I stopped my car, rolled down my window and called out to the couple.

The person asked if I had an extra leash… and then said some rather un-niceties.

So realizing that all dogwalkers don’t remember to check the information before taking their dog for a walk, and inspired by an experience on Thetis Island I decided to take on a fun task.

I have left a 6ft leash at the Gaglardi Way park entrance at the bottom of the mountain. Look for the white bag with Streamkeeping information and a leash! attached to the green garbage. Enjoy and return afterwards! If you forgot your leash.

The reason for the extra efforts is that there is sensitive habitat off the trails. Dogs must be controlled so as not to enter streams where they can disturb the spawning beds of salmon and the spawning salmon as they finish the final cycle of their lives. Visitors must take care, not to contribute to extra sand and silt erosion that travels down the mountain to upset the spawning locations. Sand will cover the pebbly beds that salmon need to spawn and salmon can not spawn.

Salmon lay eggs in the Stoney Creek every year. We have Stealhead, Coho, Chum and even Nooksack Dace, an endangered and protected fish that are found in our local stream.

Print out your own distribution of education… from Stoney Creek Environmentee Committee.

Going out to leave in the forest a little package. not dog poop. but good fun.

Update: In a pinch owners can leash their dogs.

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