The benefit of being married to a marketer is learning marketing in a recreational atmosphere.

In 2009 we drove together down Hastings Street, Burnaby. A business person was handing out bottles of water.

My partner told me this was the trend in marketing. It is called “value added marketing”

My train of thought went like this.
1. It must be nice to get those bottles of water

and more complicated…
2. Why isn’t it just “free”

But I didn’t voice this. Married to a marketer I needed to absorb this new term in a more meaningful manner.

Tonight I was hanging out at the HiVE, a shared workspace downtown.
The HiVE offers space for events. One of my tasks is to help with set up and striking of these events.

Nature’s Path is a local company. The corporation booked space at the HiVe, for a gathering, in order to raise awareness: an event, in preparation of an evening at the Vancouver Art Gallery called “Compassion into Action”
Wednesday, September 27, 2011

Compassion into Action is an opportunity to bring canned goods for those in need of good nutrition. Canned foods and cash in lieu of your presence will be accepted. A party was a way to raise awareness for the bigger day, two nights from now.

And this is the moment I see where the marketing tool is “value added”.

I know the feeling of getting something free. It’s a great feeling, as if you’ve been recognized out the blue, and chosen for a special treat for no reason in particular … other than you were in the right place.

The Nature’s Path tweatup, marketted through social media had all the markings of a party. We set up for coffee, conversation and cookies (Nature’s Path organic granola bars)…At the end of the event, I was handed one of the NP packages of products.

When I was handed the goodies bag I also had the added joy of realizing my roll and my boon to help others. I told Ingrid that I would spread the word. There was a conversion; it was an opportunity to turn kindness and sharing.

Perhaps a bottle of free water would create a memory of the company to translate at a later date.

To me it took a simpler connection. With a quick blog and the ability to talk to the UNES readers.

I hope you find a way to bring a can of food down to the Art Gallery tomorrow.
It is our communal pull to fill the needs of All, whether it is food or the ability to help another, that is gold.