I recently received a message from Ron Kistritz of Ron Kistritz Consultants on June 15, 2011. Ron tests water quality on Burnaby Mountain.

“Over the past few weeks during my regular water quality monitoring rounds I have noticed an ongoing accumulation of foam at MG8 […]. This monitoring location is where water discharges from Pond A into a tributary of Stoney Creek.

In any case, your ongoing concern and community involvement in these environmental matters are much appreciated.”

From subsequent emails, Ron believes this is an annual incident, particularly occuring between April and June. Photos of this incident are available in PDF file at top of this blog.

WHAT? Does this mean
Pollution (soapy water) collecting from UniverCity is posing a risk to local habitat
This has been found annually at GW8 a tributory of Stoney Creek feeding from Pond A. We don’t know what is causing the annual siting of suds at MG8. Many communities have such activity in water. So this is not a unique phenomenon, however it is concerning.

What can you do?
1. residents should only wash their car in building car wash facilities, where soapy waters can be filtered before entering ‘stormwater’. Know where your water is going. Consider washing your car off the mountain at facilities where waters will enter the sanitary water system NOT the stormwater system, or using only water for carwashing.
2. do NOT use harmful chemicals personally when avoidable, and
3. Be vigilant of contractors at your building. Think of activities of Painters, Landscapers (fertilizers), etc. that may introduce harmful chemicals into the local water habitats. Approach your strata council, or contractors themselves to encourage environmentally friendly alternatives. If you have any questions please contact officials.

Information available in our Community Partners Page.

I have just noticed tadpoles (about 150) in the riparian area directly behind our building (9232-9262 University Crescent) and on the Ring Road. These tadpoles are upstream from the run off from University Crescent. A culvert that comes from between Altaire and Novo II. I have not found any tadpoles below this culvert and none noticed in Pond A.
I had a good look July 4, 2011 evening.

Waxwings were abundant over Pond A at evening light. I think they were skimming for pond bugs.


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