Run-off from UniverCity contains potentially harmful Detergents


Building Systems at UniverCity are devised to reduce the effects and entry of chemicals into the local watershed from human activity that may by harmful to local habitats. This includes catch basins, popular collection ponds, not to mention awareness and education… These are part of our sustainable community design.

The assurance to a non-polluting community exists in the daily human habits and care of people who live and work on the mountain top.

Yesterday, I got an email from a well-respected expert of our community. Ron Kistritz is local water quality expert. He has been regularly testing and analyzing results of water quality since the inception of UniverCity. His findings and reports are balanced, scientific and non-biased. ed.)


This issue seems to be annual, and has been ongoing for a number of years. This issues seems to occur every year at MG8 between April/May. Kistritz June 10, 2011

…for note… even slight changes and pollution at UniverCity can have disastrous effects for local habitat and spawning salmon communities.

“Over the past few weeks during my regular water quality monitoring rounds I have noticed an ongoing accumulation of foam at MG8 (see attached photo). This monitoring location is where water discharges from Pond A into a tributary of Stoney Creek.

As you know, in the Spring there tends to be a burst of car washing activity. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that the detergents and other cleaning chemicals end up in the local creeks when they’re flushed down the catch basin. These chemicals will eventually do harm to aquatic life.”

Ron Kistritz, R.U. Kistritz Consultants Ltd. June 7, 2011

Pond A is located at the East and bottom of University High Street, at the entrance to the UniverCity community and at the top of Stoney Creek watershed.

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Be vigilant during daily walks in the community. Do you have any ideas about the source of contamination?
Please report tiny dead fish, spill, suds, or dirty water. Call 24 hours: Burnaby Environmental Services: 604-294-7200 or Provincial Emergency Program 1-800-663-3456.

There are laws against pollution of the watershed. Residents eye witness helps enforce a problem that is very difficult to catch. As pollutants can wash away quickly, and remove evidence of damaging chemicals in our water systems, action needs to be immediate. The experts can confront suspicious persons or groups that could be endangering local habitats with pollutants. Your quick response is key to catching suspicious persons.

Though building systems are devised to collect run off from the on-site Car-wash facilities of UniverCity residents; we must not rely on them, especially if we have evidence of pollutants entering the local watershed.

Avoid any activity including car washing that can contribute pollutants to local waters.

Pass it on.

Vivian Sorensen