Hi Everyone,

In mid-May there is an Urban Design Placemaking workshop (all day, May 16 -20, 2011, Diamond Alumni Centre) that will tackle the next neighbourhood for development at UniverCity: the South Slopes. For info contact Terri Evans, Manager, Academic & Administrative Services: HC 2115. Phone 778-7872-7914. urban@sfu.ca. This workship is for paying participants for the most part.

I shall be attending as a “Stakeholder” in an open portion; as UNES representative and as UniverCity resident/stakeholder. Participation in a roundtable session is intended to outline stakeholder expectations from the development of the site, and is scheduled for Monday, May 16, 2011 from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., (to be followed by the welcoming reception to which stakeholders are invited); Sorry please realize, I can’t prejudge what “stakeholder” could be interpreted to mean.

“The workshop is a partnership with SFU’s Urban Studies program and the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment. An integral part of the workshop is an intensive design charette to prepare two alternative masterplans for UniverCity’s South Neighbourhood, utilizing the Prince’s Foundations “Enquiry by Design” (EbD) methodology. One of the most important features of the EbD methodology is the involvement of stakeholders at various points in the process. (for more information contact Terri Evans of the Urban Studies Program.”

Are you aware of the neighbourhood plans south of Eastern Highlands, UniverCity (Eastern Highlands including: Harmony, One UniverCity Crescent, Serenity, Novo I, Novo II, Aurora, and Altaire)? The South Slopes area as I understand will be another high density, efficient residential extension of UniverCity. As a community participant at UniverCity since 2006, and former member of the Community Association, I have heard of various exciting plans for this neighbourhood, including possible Co-op housing, low traffic mews etc. Innovative and progressive!

In addition to UniverCity sustainability, I expect the South Slopes to emulate the ecological sensitivity, including water-quality protection, and stormwater management. We need to make as small a footprint in the Burnaby Mountain Conservation area that surrounds us.

If you would like for me to pass on your ideas, please offer your thoughts in the forum here. I will post within the Google Closed UNES Group as well. I encourage you to post in the UNES Google Group If you are not already a UNES member you will need to apply. Verification is quick.

I participated in similar events as a student of the Urban Design Course at SFU (2008). The focus is on sustainable solutions and participants are enthusiastic and talented.

I will dutifully forward the ideas posted within UNES and on the comments board of the UNES blog to the roundtable on Monday. Be creative!… I love the album title of David Byrne of Talking Heads. “Stop making sense”!!!

Vivian Sorensen