Univercity is a community… albeit a very new community. With the two new communities/buildings currently in development of 154 units and already another mid-rise slated we are what may seem a showroom of housing. Sometimes it can feel a little too much like a revolving door of young people with the new semester of student rentals……Ahhhh, proximity to neighbours.
… And in all this unpredictability at UniverCity, is the equation for success. We have many public servants living here. I have heard a community with many teachers has more successful grade school students! We have police officers, teachers, professors, young and old, living side by side. I love the scenic walk to the centre, and transit stop. It is a point of pride for me to participate in the UniverCity Pass.. I took a bus to an appointment this morning. I may have residue habits of car dependance… When I arrive outside on foot finally, it is a pleasure and discovery in one.

So! young participants! in the UniverCity experiment. It is that time of year. We gather to clean up the litter. We are gathering again to pick up the detris that clogs our stormwater systems, and leaves deadly hurdles for the local wildlife. Burnaby Mountain is a prescious intact ecosystem that to date enjoys wonderous success, as it stuggles for balance with GVRD urbanism.

Look at Byrne Creek in Burnaby, BC, which last year had ONE, successful spawning (breeding) salmon.

The annual garbage pickup is very important!

I hope you too have the chance to enjoy a wiff of paradise today. Whether in a friendly wave from your neighbour, or a glimpse at a junco collecting seeds outside the lobby doors of your building.

Whether you join us April 16th or not
I want to thank you for being a part of the UNES blog.
Meet at Town Square, Univercity (West of Cornerstone). 10AM.
Clean up till 12PM


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