One of my inspirations for habitat protection is Oxleas Wood in Greenwich, London. I tried to visit in 2008, however; I ended up walking towards the Greenwich City. It was an exploration on its own! I hope one day to be able to see Oxleas Wood oasis in one of my favourite cities, in its natural glory.

The old forest, Oxleas Wood, is found in one of the most active urban centres. It is one of the few remaining urban deciduous forests in the London borough of Greenwich a local natural reserve and an area of scientific interest ( and it is eight thousand years old. Somewhere along the way a community decided to protect the delicate ecosystem and did so consistently in the midst of ongoing development and change. Today it faces the threat of developers who wish to build a ramp access to the A2. A community advocacy groups has won a stay against development at present (2008. ed. VS). Like Vancouver, London and its environs are facing the delicate balance of urban development that respects and supports natural habitats.

This forest helps me to put pespective on how long we need to pay attention to make sure JOE hardhat doesn’t go pavement mad here at UniverCity.

First it was the Elementary School, now we are seeing more trees come down for a “Green Path” between University High Street and the Mews.

Sadly, today, I wonder if the A2 highway developers are winning the battle in Oxleas Wood. Here is a short, sweet article on the recent state of trees in Great Britain. See this article in the London Observer:

titled: How can I save trees?
Our woods are under threat. Quick, go hug – and save – a tree…by Lucy Siegle

If someone tells you a tree is “too old”. Take some perspective.
A forest is a group of trees, not just one. And one day there may be nothing left at the peak of Burnaby Mountain.

Not if the residents of Burnaby have a voice!

Keep yourself healthy and in shape!! We need strong hugs for the future!

Hugs available!