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Is there enough effort going into ecological sustainability, and ecodiversity at UniverCity? What was done to protect cedars and this maple?
The best plan is to prevent damage?

How can we support and sustain natural habitats as our community grows?
What do we need?
1. Protection of covenants – including system of enforceable fines on Strata Property. eg. Protecting against haphazard paths through covenants that undermine natural habitat
2. Stewardship plan of tree and riparian covenants. eg. replacement of trees/habitat of damaged or destroyed systems, for example in blowdown

The felling of the Maple incident falls within a different set of criteria. It occurred during development. There are rules, supposedly, to protect and replace trees when a developer has jurisdiction on a property. Once the property development is complete and handed over to the Strata Ownership, we need a program to assure stewardship. This currently does not exist at UniverCity.
Thanks for your care.


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