Hello Everyone!

SFU Health and Counselling Services is once again hosting Fitness and
Social Challenges in 7 Weeks to Wellness

For all participants there are resources online to monitor your wellness progress and to keep you inspired with specific challenges.
7 weeks started yesterday, January 26, 2011 and runs to March 16, 2011.
There is a group already listed for UniverCity residents: UniverCity Community Team
We need a leader! for the UniverCity Community Team
The leader can determine their own level of committment! Of course the more
involved the better.
We just need a willing volunteer. When you sign up indicate you are interested in being a leader.
As a team leader, you’ll receive resources, prizing, and support from
SFU Health Promotion staff, and have the ability to make challenges
for your neighbours, and to challenge other teams.
Please sign up.
I am already signed up to the UniverCity Community Team and I’m
looking forward to you joining.
(my nickname on the 7 weeks program)