Hello Everyone:
Please take note of a program regards public input on the British Columbia Water Act
Modernization ACT. You have until February 21, 2011 to make your voice heard!

Here is a note from your provincial leaders:
On December 17, 2010 the Ministry of Environment released a Policy
Proposal on British Columbia’s new Water Sustainability Act
. Part of
the BC Government’s Water Act modernization initiative, the proposed
Water Sustainability Act will update and build on the current Water
Act and position BC as a leader in water stewardship.
Over the coming weeks, we’ll be further explaining the proposed
framework and the seven key policy areas of the proposed Water
Sustainability Act on the Living Water Smart Blog. We welcome your
feedback and encourage you to join the conversation by posting your
comments and questions on the Blog. Comments and questions can also
be submitted by email to livingwatersmart@gov.bc.ca or by fax to (250)
While we appreciate your emails, letters and faxes, participating in
the dialogue on the Blog allows others to build on your ideas. It
also allows you to view and rank the comments and questions of other
British Columbians, which will help us to better understand what’s
important to you as we move forward. This question and comment period
on the proposed Water Sustainability Act will be open until February
21, 2011.
We thank you for your commitment to water stewardship and look forward
to hearing from you. Together, we can build a sustainable future for
British Columbia’s water resources.
The Living Water Smart Team

We recently had a great opportunity to get involved with sound Water
Policy in BC. In the first stage: http://livingwatersmart.ca/water-act/
less than a thousand people took part in this public forum

The Livingwater Smart Program an adjunct of the Water Act Modernization largely emphasises the roll of the
individual public and ind. effort to reduce use of water.
Other items:
1. Increased standards for sewage treatment – secondary and tertiary
treatment where now there is only primary treatment
see the GVRD City Sewage Plan
from the Georgia Strait Alliance website,
3. insuring public ownership (especially in light of micro hydro
projects etc.)
4. regulation of groundwater wells: now with no regulation, especially
found close to rivers
5. rights of wildlife and salmon to clean water, and assuring
6. sustainable waters policy (eg. in light of spawning communities).

Proactive policy such as use of Grey Water (recycling) are amongst some of the many programs we can institute to ensure our water sources.

Go to Watershed Watch Salmon Society
and Georgia Strait Alliance
for great information on issues of water in our province.

Thank You so much for your care and attention.
Enjoy our fresh air and fresh water!
Vivian Sorensen