Mid November while attending the UniverCity Stormwater Committee as a representative from Stoney Creek Env. Committee a fellow participant pointed out damage incurred to a number of trees along high street. The root systems for a large split leaf maple, (see “Autumn Tree, UniverCity“) and a couple of young cedars about 25 or 30 feet high each had been compromised.
These trees are designated in the Community Plan for protection.

Whether these trees will survive the damage is still in question.

If these trees do not survive, there will be hefty fines for the (developer involved Mosaic) construction company responsible.

Even while the trees had yellow tape around them to designate their protection this accident occurred.
The current tape indicates “Caution”. Hardly very descriptive.
In fact such signage could indicate the need for removal.
Not what is needed! Of course a developer engaged in our community would have information about all protected trees in UniverCity. I certainly don’t excuse the action of the Development crew for any mistakes.

At the same time. Can we not find a way to designate protected natural areas that is more specific?
For example “This is a valuable tree, including home for wildlife, in our Environmentally friendly community. Take care to avoid broad reaching root systems during development.”.

I am very sad that this incident occurred. What is most important is to find ways to best protect the valuable plants, wildlife and trees at UniverCity for the future. Wildlife and natural systems are a very important part of quality of life, healthy living, including fresh air and clean waters at UniverCity.

Vivian Sorensen

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