These events seems to sneak up with no notice.

If you have a chance, pop over to Saywell Hall or the Academic Quadrangle at SFU, Burnaby to take part in events. Today is a good day to think of others in need.

Every day you have the opportunity to help the cause.

Do Ubuntu bracelets are for sale at Nature’s Organic Cafe at Cornerstone, UniverCity, Burnaby.

Bracelets and beadwork are made by grandmothers in South Africa helping to support little orphans with AIDS. These children have been left without parents who have died of AIDS related causes. They are often left with AIDS themselves. The proceeds from the sale of bracelets and beadwork gives a woman a working wage and provides food and necessities for the orphans.

Programs supported are superb. Some of the many works:
* Put a roof over families heads after a tornado swept through and devastated a SA community
* support permaculture gardens that feed the community
* providing clean water sources
* realizing all the unique talents. For example helping start an internet marketing business.
* and future plans to start a pie making business in a trailer;
In a community often forgotten, the programs give dignity and meaning to those in most need.

Wear a bracelet, or more, to remember the Do Obuntu participants. Including those working tirelessly to make a difference.
You can be one too!
Share the love.
Thank you to Bill and Dolores at Nature’s Organic Cafe for helping to support the Do Ubunto Program!!

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Thank you!

Read the fascinating story of the bracelets.