Burnaby, BC.  SCEC Spawner Survey

(crayfish update) After talking with Laura(SCEC), I learned the crayfish died most likely due to predator attack that left the crayfish vulnerable. The upper shell was cracked as well there were parts of the belly missing. The crayfish could have slowly died aftern an attack as it was left week and unable to continue. I estimate the crayfish body was about 5-6 inches.
I looked further into this creature and found this summary of local crayfish believe it is either one of a local species Pacifastacus (see an article for details) or an introduced species from Europe, now largely extinct in Europe due to plague, Astacus.

Can you help identify the crayfish in the photo?

One of the very important groups in the area for an ongoing and up to date record of species and habitat is the Stoney Creek Environment Committee. An integrated program of invasives removal, bird counts, water quality testing and Salmon Spawner count in Stoney Creek. The volunteer group is a very valuable part of natural and wildlife records in Burnaby Mountain Conservation Park and Stoney Creek, Burnaby, BC.

The Stoney Creek Env. Committee system of data collection is sophisticated (as we see from Vladimir Soukhatchev’s very detailed reports).

This community operates with generous support of corporate and citizen stakeholders.

We must count on ourselves to protect sensitive habitat, and for habitat restoration. We must have faith in our ability to make a difference.

During the spawner count this last weekend, my fellow volunteers spotted this crayfish on a rock. It was dead. The siting will appear within the records we collect, and give evidence of the sensitive species we need to protect.
Please comment freely in this blog on your own sitings. Our data can be very important and be evidence for the need to have habitat sensitive practice. Should you choose, Pablo Vimos is creating an online map which citizens can contribute their own data. Your information can ultimately compiled into a cohesive system of data.