New members of Stoney Creek Env. Group are often surprised at the vigorous schedule and meetings.

Today Kinder Morgen Canada, and SCEC members, participated in a work party to pull blackberry at the school site, on the main stem of Tributory 2, of Stoney Creek, just South of the SC Community school. It was a great morning of hard work. The removal of overwhelming blackberry is part of a project of restoration, a joint effort of SC Community School, Metro Vancouver, SCEC and Kinder Morgen. Next week, weather permitting, the party will plant indigenous plants in the area in an effort to resucitate the natural plant balance and encourage good bank support for the creek, and crucial wildlife habitat.

Kindermorgen is helping to install a fence to delineate and protect the habitat area. The project will be culminated with the installation of the art work of the school children: painted salmon that will decorate the fence as part of “Stream of Dreams” project.

Stoney Creek Elementary is a unique school in Burnaby, BC. Not only is the school located in the midst of beautiful trails, the adjacent Stoney Creek bears hundreds of returning spawning salmon each year. The Burnaby Env. Centre is located onsite, gelling the relationship between the school and the Streamkeeping work of Stoney Creek Env. Committee. It’s fabulous to have a base for SCEC.

Today, a short 5-10 minute walk south from the school brings the reward of seeing the spawners for Burnaby residents. They are easily discovered, as well as morts, at points were the pathway meets to the creek.

Community Wtr Qulity Training, SCEC, Sat. Nov 7, 2010

The SCEC birdwatching group also went out today. The bird data is a good way to monitor the health of our local ecosystem.

We were blessed with a morning of no rain. I hope the birdwatching group had a successful exploration.

This Thursday will be the first opportunity for newly enlisted UNES, community water quality experts to bring samples to the B.E. Centre to test water.
Remember 7pm.

(and member-at-large, SCEC)