Read below the salmon spawner count from Roger Dyer SCEC

October 31, 2010
Hi everyone:

Gail, Caitlan, Emily, Alan Meghan and Roger walked instream from the confluence with the Brunette to the Lougheed highway.
We counted 64 chum and 28 adult coho plus 4 coho jacks and 1 cutthroat trout.

Al and I did a bank walk from the GSSO bridge up to North Road later in the afternoon.
We counted an additional 37 chum, including 2 in the culvert under North Road, and 3 about 20 meters above North Rd.
We also saw another 4 adult coho and 1 jack coho.

The total for the day was:

101 chum
37 coho
1 cutthroat.

We usually see 35-40 coho in the entire year so to see 37 coho on one day is truly remarkable!

(Roger Dyer)

Last week (October 24, 2010) as I’ve mentioned I participated in a count. The first group counted 35? spawners between Brunette Highway and the Lougheed Highway (mix of Coho and Chum)
Les, Christine and I counted 25 chum and one morte (dead fish) above Lougheed Highway confluence up to the Stoney Creek Elementary School.
The last 500 meters we didn’t spot any spawners. There was no count for the Stoney Creek reaches above the school to North Road.

The Chum are larger, yet less likely to swim upstream when the water is low. They are the early returners. Our group did not expect to see any spawners above Beaverbrook as we had not spotted any fish many meters below Beaverbrook Bridge.

Anyway I promised to post a downloadable film (44 mb, link will expire November 30, 2010) and pictures:

I hope you enjoy the film. If you experience difficulties you can cut and paste this address:
Vivian Sorensen