The Stoney Creek Environmental Committee has headed (an unglamorous effort) to raise awareness of the Salt Shed on lower Tower Road.

I have mentioned the source of salt in an earlier blog.

The transfer of function to the new facility from the old Salt Shed, will help control leaching of road salt into the environment as it is stored in the community. It will help reduce our environmental impact at UniverCity and SFU.
The faster this new facility can be finished, the better.

Pablo Vimos, another UniverCity resident, has e-mailed me that work has begun. Signs of construction are documented below, in photos Pablo took today.

Thanks, Pablo. It’s good to hear the updates, and to be able to pass on the news to our readers.

Information and updates can also be found at the SFU’s Facilities Services online page

I will blog on future updates. Pablo and I are both members of the Stoney Creek Environment Committee, an excellent organization for environmental accountability on Burnaby Mountain.
They host bird watching groups, invasive pulls and spawner counts. Volunteers are always welcome.

Vivian Sorensen