Summer is gone. The weather is turning, and I return to an earlier discussion.: Road Salt Storage on Burnaby Mountain.

The Salt Shed, that services SFU & Burnaby Mountain for Winter conditions, has been ordered inadequate by the BC Provincial Environment Ministry.
Extensive water quality tests on “Salt Creek” , a tributory located below the outdated Salt Shed, by V. Soukhatchev of Stoney Creek Environment Committee were important in this decision.

The SCEC was told construction had begun in August 2010 finally! on a new and updated facility to store salt and de-icing material.

Not being overly confident, Vladimir Soukhachev of SCEC took photos of the preliminary construction.

Ah, another delay perhaps.

As a resident of UniverCity, and probably 550 m from the salt shed I am very concerned about effects on water quality, for myself and for local habitat.

I hope work starts soon. As we face a new winter we need a facility we know is equipped to prevent spillage during salt transport from delivery trucks and for the best and safest storage.

Your neighbour,
Burnaby, BC