The city of Burnaby, BC, Canada is in a stones throw from the Sockeye.

On the weekend I was anchored down in Bidwell Bay. Bidwell Bay is located behind (inland) Balcarra Park.
Residents on the North side of the mountain at UniverCity, overlooking Burrard Inlet, see Balcarra Park. Balcarra is on the opposite (East) shore of Indian Arm from Deep Cove.

Sunday, in Bidwell Bay, amidst the anchored boats I had excellent view as a seal faught with a salmon feet from our boat.

The harbour seal and sockeye thrashed in real “technicolour”… or should I say High Definition.

After the kill, it would disappear below the water and reimmerge to tear a mouthful of fish with great muscle. For 20 minutes the scene continued.

I’m amazed to witness wildlife right at our doorstep. We can be a little proud that the food chain is showing healthy form so close to the urban habitat.

My pictures aren’t national geographic.

Our neighbours who find wildlife photography (salmon, birds, plants; humans and nature…) can have their images posted in the right hand margin on this community blog.

Vivian Sorensen