Monday, Alan James from Stoney Creek Environment Committee, and Pablo Vimos, Geologist, attended a hike of the proposed path for East Gaglardi Way, Burnaby Mountain Park.

Alan James once coined the phrase the armchair scientist… And this would be me. Though I do my best to be a responsible steward; and while I have much enthusiasm it is great to have experts lend their knowledge.
When experts participate our awareness becomes so much more pointed.

The proposed area is beautiful. A trail system will provide access to split maple canopied forest. This canopy, Pablo, noticed, opens up in many areas. For the hiker this will mean lots of salmon berries to pick in the late spring/summer that will grow in the sunlight.
The variety of plants, deer fern, mahonia nervosa, interesting mosses (Pavlo noted that it’s unusually humid – as indicated by moss on the rocks), beautiful yellow cedar… !

After our tour, SCEC has updated its response regards protection of the Stoney Creek and Silver Creek (west of SC) tributaries. There remains distinction between culverts and bridges. Culverts take more maintenance and can effect flow of creeks. In general culverts will not be applied. Bicyclists tend to avoid bridges and drive through creeks (not good). How will this be resolved?

Pavlo and Alan pointed out a hiker’s experience should be maximized with interpretive locations, and hot spots for hikers to meet and enjoy the natural breath.

Today while travelling Gaglardi Way I spotted a pilated woodpecker flying from treetop to treetop.

Another treat for future hikers!