I’ve had an interesting week. Friday morning, I met with a City official and City’s private partners (biologist and landscape architect) to review a path that will create a circle through the mountain conservation park, East of Gaglardi Way and below University Drive East.

My first concern is that with our growing community, and stresses from other users on the mountain such as Petro Canada storage facilities, the Trans Canada Pipeline facility (huge diesel containers on South Slope), and right of way for Kinder Morgen we need to put our efforts to protecting sensitive habitat for birds, mammals and amphibians.

The path system of Burnaby Mountain has adapted and evolved since a public forum in 1999. Some trails closed to protect sensitive Stoney Creek areas.

One part of me thinks the path will become more intuitive. The finished trails will have a 3 ft (1 m) tread, E. Nasby of LEES + Assoc. says “Please refer to the Mountain Air Trail on the north side of Burnaby Mountain as the precedent for this trail.” narrower than that shown in this photo of current trails: refer to map

Today the south slope of the mountain park seems biased to mountain bike use, though there is a great path access from parking lot at the foot of North Road for hikers. This is a challenging path that twists around to the peak of Burnaby Mountain and terminating at Centennial Park, a view point on the western apex of the mountain.

With current recommendations, use will likely increase.

Early this week we will have a hike of lower parts of the proposed trail. UniverCity residents and UNES members welcome.
Your input will be included in a final report to City Park officials & their partners. My intention is to highlight concerns and questions. Return here for updates.

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