Let’s talk “walkability” at UniverCity.

Recently I noticed that the gravelled path system along the North edge of the new Elementary School property has been replaced with black asphalt, about 6 ft wide, approximately 100m long.

For less than a year we have lived with a gravel path, cutting along the North edge of the school property.
Yes, this is not so convenient.
In some cases.

I noticed a little girl in her pretty shoes tip toeing through the gravel to avoid scuffs.
I responded similarly when walking home in my fluevog heals.

There are many solidly set roads in the community (for cars, baby strollers…, fancy shoes). Roads, and paver paths that complete access throughout the community.

The newly laid black asphalt is exposed to the elements. No shade-giving trees, and the exposed, baren, gravel, 50m * 90m playing field adjacent and to the South.
Today it exacerbates hot blazing summer sun. In the winter: snow and ice is our issue.
I imagine, the wide black asphalt path will mean more costly snow removal requirements in the winter. In the UNES google group we have talked extensively on the use of road salt at UniverCity and the compromising effects on the environment.

In another incarnation of inter-community paths, is an older asphalt on the Eastern edge of school property. The eastern path is shaded by trees and the view enriched with natural plants. The path creates one continuous path through the forest, but do we need a parallel ashpalt path on the opposite side of the school ie. this new black asphalt?

my foot - grey asphalt along Eastern edge of new school

location of future gravel playing field - black asphalt to North (adjacent to left)

Paths in gravel, even grassy paths, allows for slow storm-water permeation and less erosion.

Let us work towards a community that leaves less! of a footprint…even if it is a gravelly path that can leave stones in our slippers.

The power of our community is the ability of residents to caringly point out the qualities WE need. Facilities and design allowing us to live out our lives to our full potential.
What do you notice? Please feel free to comment on details, close to your heart.

“God is in the details”

Thanks, Vivian