One of the goals to this blog is to bring together some resources for effective recycling and maximum biodegradeability at UniverCity.

Nesters is now offering battery and cell phone recycling. I have found a household battery recycling very hard to find (SPEC in the West End…) so this is a welcome service.

Georgia Strait Alliances ToxicSmart Program, gives ecofriendly tips and tools for the home and garden and solvent alternatives.
GSA is a marine conservation group, recently celebrating 20 years as stewards for our local waters. GSA will be permanently featured in our Links where you can link on through a search to the ToxicSmart online .pdf

Here is a recipe for cleaning your windows with vinegar, a sample from ToxicSmart:
Add 65ml vinegar OR 15ml lemon juice to a one litre spray bottle, then fill with warm water. Polish with newspaper (this helps avoid streaks). If you’re switching from a commercial cleaner to this recipe, before you start, use a 5% solution of rubbing alcohol to clean off the residual wax left from some commercial glass cleaners. To do this, mix a 5% solution from 70% alcohol (i.e., add 45 ml 70% alcohol to 595 ml water). from the GS Alliance “What Does Clean Really Mean? Putting your home into De-Tox”

Remember Reduce, Reuse and THEN Recycle. In that order.

And in the future?: a petition to make biodegradeable containers for take-out etc. a necessity for local UniverCity businesses. Lois continues to inspire action in this area.
and another idea: organizing regular collections of electronics to bring to the Burnaby Recycling Depot,

Do you have a great recipe for biodregadeable home cleaning, gardening or the like?