The Native Plant garden at BWR is a habitat for birds, amphibians, butterflies etc. It is a display for native plant diversity and quiet refuge for the public (please respect the ducklings, and stay clear!).
Many of our community may remember BWR from Last July 2009 when hundreds of the plants from a Native Plant Rescue, at the scene of the future Highland elementary, found their way to the garden.

Multitudes types of ferns, false solomon’s seal, violet, false lily of the valley, trillium, clasping twisted stalk lilly, rattlesnake plantain were transplanted to the native plant garden at Burnaby Wildlife Rescue.

The garden had started to take form last year under the hand of the volunteer programmer, Paulette. The ability to interweave our rescued plants into the project was a godsend. It was an amazing experience to work with P. who was in fact the anchor to our event last year because of her commitment, knowledge and ability to support the infrastructure of environmental contingencies needed in a native plant rescue.

Paulette has retired, leaving her work to be carried on.

I recently posted about the need for native garden coordinators at Burnaby Wildlife Rescue.

Yesterday, in a huge leap of faith and a large amount of hubris perhaps I attended the first meeting of volunteer garden coordinators.

It looks like my summer will be seeding grass for the ducklings (with approval by the Management), helping with organization tools for the volunteers, and for the most part digging up the invasives: hounds tounge, and buttercup.

It is crucial that the hounds tounge invasives do not enter the Burnaby Lake park, warned Mag on the committee.

I am so excited to be working with the Burnaby Wildlife Rescue Native Garden Coordinator team.

With the strength and endurance needed to pull the deepest roots you can imagine – those huge lolling tounges teasing us, I feel like I’ve entered a Hans Christian Anderson tale –
complete with mythical monsters, (unlikely heros), ducklings and beautiful rescued birds taking flight!

Burnaby Wildlife Rescue is located on the South Side of Burnaby Lake accessed on the road behind the Bill Copeland Sports Centre.

Burnaby Wildlife Rescue Volunteer program
5216 Glencarin Drive
Burnaby BC