fedbeardeadbear, bear in forest. stay clear!

Now don’t say to me “Where?! Where?! Where can I see a bear??”, please.

If I am on a walk and I hear a suspicious rustling in bushes, believe me I am leaving quickly.

After recent rumours, I was curious as to how to avoid any dangerous confrontation with bears so I called SFU Security. Frankly I will curtail my daily walks if it puts me at risk!
I wish those in the community would try the same.

You don’t want to surprise a bear.
The funniest and most succinct part of a BC Environment Published “Safety Guide to Bears in the Wild”

“The most dangerous bears are:

Bears habituated to human food.
Females defending cubs.
Bears defending a fresh kill.
Cute, friendly, and apparently not interested in YOU.”

Go to the Road Conditions of SFU Security site for bear updates.
Find bear safety info at link.

See you around! Vivian