Dale and I were together in the car yesterday driving to the garden listening to the weirdest stories:

1. make your own pharmaceuticals
2. aquarium in Calgary closes after lack of attendance
3. an advertising executive who used her own kids as inspiration to bring life/business to the lagging industry, targetting toddlers and young kids.

We’d turn off the radio, turn it back on out of curiosity, or I’d get out to tend the garden and then we’d come back to another story item.

There was a sample commercial, selling lawn mowers to the tune of *teletubbies*.
The exec was saying that kids would go out and see the length of grass they want, and the type of mower they liked, and would then bug their parents until
the featured lawnmower was purchased.

It was kinda’ like that Orson Wells thing. And I was not so sure it wasn’t true.
There is this colloquial sound to CBC that you just assume is real.

After a year the aquarium closes because of lack of attendance:
“the sea otters were the most popular. Those who did come said that they were so happy to see them in their natural environment…”
“We had the best collection in the world:
a pair of mating beluga whales…
a manatee…”

There was a point I tuned out because I was sure they were going to say… come down to the closing ceremony and pick up your own fish.

I got so angry about the toddler thing… I had Dale turn it off.

Okay, now you can laugh at me.

It was nice to have quiet!