Tell your family, friends, and coworkers that we have a new website. Come for the latest on a neighbourhood wildlife/environment. You will find out about upcoming Native Plant Rescues, and other activities including Wildlife Walks and Water Quality testing on Burnaby Mountain. We will discuss environmental hazards that directly impact the sustainability of our community, as well as the infrastructure that sustains ecosystems in ours and adjoining communities.

How exciting! This page is intended to unify our community efforts for environmental stewardship on Burnaby Mountain, Burnaby, BC

To start, I am providing a link to the draft document from SFU Continuing Science and Coastal Studies:

Here is important information on risks to our Fraser River Population of Sockeye Salmon. I attended the eye opening seminar back in March 2010. I think you will find the report interesting.

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Tell us what you would like featured. Submit your nature and wildlife photos from Burnaby Mountain!
Contact me, Vivian, at Divineviandi (at) yahoo(dot) com if you would like to contribute.